Monday, August 3, 2009

The Right Time...?

Is today the right time? What about tomorrow? What about next week? Next month? Or better yet when is the right time? Do we ever have the answer to when is the right time to do anything in life? Unless you're blessed with powers that I believe God only has... I'd suggest that you may never know when is the right time to do something that more times or not can and/or could alter, persuade or move your life one way or the other.

For a moment just think of all the times where you said I wish or should have done this or that b/c of what the outcome or the current state you stand has revealed. If I'm not mistaken or if I can give you my hypothesis. I'd say you've done this at least a few times a month or if you're a very analytical person like myself I would assume you do this quite often.

As for me, I ponder over this realization at least once or twice a week and especially during those times when I look @ my current circumstances/situations I'm challenged to manage. I say, and sometimes beat myself up over the head with the what "if" I would have done this, that or said this and so forth... but w/o spending too much time on this notion I quickly revert back to my reality, and focus on bettering my current state.

In giving major love to my pastor and to what it seems like his opportune sermons every Sunday. In the past month or so, he's preached on everything from "Ain't Nothing Going To Turn Me Around" all the way up to "Make Up Your Mind!" From my perspective, these titles sum it all up in a nut-shell...

When it's that time to make either or decision to do or not to do. Just remember that whenever it's that time to act on something, nothing shall turn you around and when your mind is made up, do it all w/ the right intention and everything else shall fall w/ in the right time.

Your perspective, mind and thoughts are always welcomed!

Stay Inspired....