Monday, August 3, 2009

The Right Time...?

Is today the right time? What about tomorrow? What about next week? Next month? Or better yet when is the right time? Do we ever have the answer to when is the right time to do anything in life? Unless you're blessed with powers that I believe God only has... I'd suggest that you may never know when is the right time to do something that more times or not can and/or could alter, persuade or move your life one way or the other.

For a moment just think of all the times where you said I wish or should have done this or that b/c of what the outcome or the current state you stand has revealed. If I'm not mistaken or if I can give you my hypothesis. I'd say you've done this at least a few times a month or if you're a very analytical person like myself I would assume you do this quite often.

As for me, I ponder over this realization at least once or twice a week and especially during those times when I look @ my current circumstances/situations I'm challenged to manage. I say, and sometimes beat myself up over the head with the what "if" I would have done this, that or said this and so forth... but w/o spending too much time on this notion I quickly revert back to my reality, and focus on bettering my current state.

In giving major love to my pastor and to what it seems like his opportune sermons every Sunday. In the past month or so, he's preached on everything from "Ain't Nothing Going To Turn Me Around" all the way up to "Make Up Your Mind!" From my perspective, these titles sum it all up in a nut-shell...

When it's that time to make either or decision to do or not to do. Just remember that whenever it's that time to act on something, nothing shall turn you around and when your mind is made up, do it all w/ the right intention and everything else shall fall w/ in the right time.

Your perspective, mind and thoughts are always welcomed!

Stay Inspired....

Thursday, July 23, 2009

How Am I Living...?

Am I satisfied? Happy? Content? Are we happy? Do what I do make me happy? What is happiness in my eyes and in my reality?

Now, I know you're probably stuck on this thought as you motion your head either upwards or straight ahead in a gaze trying to (1) figure out what I'm really asking here or (2) think of whether or not you're happy about about things when you look @ the daily circumstances of your life.

In keeping it in its truest essence of K.I.S.S. [Keep It Simple Stupid (no pun intended)]. These questions I pose are derived from the basic premise of "How are you living in reference to happiness?"

Without even hearing your story, I can honestly say that we all should be happy b/c with each day there's a new opportunity and possibility for you to reach a level of happiness. Just the simple fact that you woke up this morning is more than enough of a reason to be happy. Having the ability to even turn on a computer whether it is yours or your jobs and access "A Time & Place for Everything" is another reason to be happy (had to throw that in there). I can go on and on but the point I'm trying to make is whether or not we confuse happiness with what we do or don't have ... or do we confirm happiness about where we stand in our reality?

Thanks for your minds and thoughts...

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where do I go...?

It's easy to say to this is where I want to go, be in life and ultimately be remembered as when it's my time to leave this earth.

As I revert back to my memories as far back as a toddler. To as recent as my thought-pattern as of last week and to this morning. One of the things I've always considered during each stage of my life is to be in a position to go on and do big things in life and be remembered as one of those guys who made something out of his life - so that my kids and their children would not only have a head-start in becoming successful adults - but also be proud to carry on my name for generations to come.

Some may call these lofty goals and others may down play them and say that this all I want to do and accomplish?!?! Well peep the logic behind it all...

In speaking for myself along with most Black kids' growing up in Urban America. We're already @ a disadvantage b/c of the neighborhoods we live in and the economic structure of what our communities produce; the education or inadequate education we receive; and more times than not - majority of the neighborhood is being raised by single parent homes or worse - the streets.

The logic behind it all is that I truly believe that success is measured not from what you've accomplished but by how the one's who follow in your foot-steps flourish from what they've inherited and learned from your being and knowledge. Therefore, as I pose the question where do I go and how do I begin to accomplish my success story? I look back at what I've done thus far along my journey of reaching my pinnacle of achievement in every field of human endeavor, along with taking an inventory look into those life learned lessons, struggles, trails and tribulations and good times I've experienced ... and say that although I'm not where I want to be in almost every capacity of my life. I'm still keeping on keeping on b/c I think I've positioned myself with enough resources to be ready to walk into that spectrum of where I want to be and go when the opportunity presents itself.

So, I leave you all w/ this question to ponder over. Where have you been or plan to be going to get you to your level of success?

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Mind is...?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, which I am sure we've all heard and said before. However, as I sit here on this beautiful morning not in one of my better mood's for reasons I'm still trying to decipher through. I've come up w/ the conclusion which is justified through my spiritual development that your mind is the battlefield.

Now, I have no real reason(s) to complain about much in life because I'm blessed to be in good health and to have a family that loves and cares for me among other things I'm proud of experiencing and having. ... and not to mention that I'm filled w/ more than enough faith that everything will pan out in the long run (you can say, I got this way based off the simple fact of what I've experienced and have endured in the past few years of my life), but it's those days and/or times where you're like this "process" is wearing on you ... and I guess today, along with the past week and some change - it's starting to take it's toll on me.

Some may think I'm talking in circles, but for those who know me know I have a very analytical mind and perspective on pretty much everything in life. I call this my gift and curse!

Therefore, the question I'm posing to you all! How do you make sense of it all (e.g. life, trails & tribulations) along with how and where do you start the process of seeing your journey through? What mechanism(s) do you use for days of discomfort and uneasiness?

Friday, June 5, 2009

Setting it straight....!!!!

For those who know me well enough - know that I'm an avid sports follower - and that basketball is my favorite sport to play, follow, and watch. In addition one may also know that I have no favorite team that I either route for on a yearly basis or am I one to buy that teams' memorabilia and/or paraphernalia as well. However, in the same breathe one may also know that w/ in the past two plus-years I've become a huge Kobe (Bryant) fan ... more or so a huge "Black Mamba" fan.

Now, I know you're like "how am I contradicting myself in the same sentence?" Well it goes like this...

Ever since I could remember, I never liked a particular team in any sport but I always loved watching sports and how certain players' outplayed, outworked and basically demolished their opponent(s) on the particular playing spectrum they played on.

Now, to take it back to last night's 2009 NBA Finals Game 1 where the Orlando Magic and its impressive Defensive, Dunking, and Rebounding Stalwart Dwight "Superman" Howard squared off against the NBA's reigning MVP, who many consider along w/ me - is still the best complete player in the game today, Kobe "Black Mamba" Bryant or Kobe "The Maestro" Bryant for an opportunity to hoist the infamous "Larry O'Brien" trophy. I have to say one or two things followed by a caveout to try and get my point accross. Lebron has some work to do to catch up to Kobe's game.

Yes! Lebron James is this years NBA MVP, but after watching Kobe do what he did to the same team - that was a 1 sec shot and close OT game away from sweeping, supposedly the pre-game photo taking, commericial heavy, best team in the NBA - has me really looking a little closer to who is actually the best player in the NBA today. Needless to say, my vote still goes to the 13-year NBA veteran out of Lower Merion High School.

Why do I say this w/ strong conviction is quite simple. Beyond Kobe's team winning last night and he basically putting up the same numbers as Lebron did - the way he played (e.g. scored, passed and rebounded) and how it was all done with a level of confidence and determination that I did not see in Lebron eyes during the Eastern Conf. Finals. You could tell and feel and how Kobe approached last night's game and how he performed - that he was not going to allow the Lakers' to loose this game. I also noticed that Lebron has no patent move that he can depend on whereas "Black Mamba" has more than I need to even mention right now...b/c I'm sure we all know this well enough to not even challenge.

Now, here's my caveout... I'm a true "Witness" and a fan of King James game and think he's one of the top 3 to 5 players' in the game today, but to say he's the best player in the game @ this juncture in his career is giving this man too much than what he deserves. However, I do think that once he develops a patent move like the ones they used to have for my old school Sega Genesis players' who used to play "Bulls vs. Blazers" and etc. He can and will go down as one of the best to have ever have laced them up under the watchful eyes of Commissioners' David Stern, Larry O'Brien, Walter Kennedy and Maurice Podoloff.

Until then I'm setting it straight... Kobe "The Black Mamba" Bryant is the best player in the NBA today, and not Lebron James.

Holler w/ your thoughts & perspectives....

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where I stand...?

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately - especially where I stand professionally, socially, academically, personally, and in no order - spiritually. Needless to say, I'm humbled and modest enough to recognize that I have no real complaints in any of one these areas because each day consist of a journey of me reaching my potential. However, being the man that I am and what I require of myself along with what I want to further accomplish in life... I'm not content @ all!

I've heard numerous times and as recent as the other day, that I'm an overachiever and that I'm always doing something. But I challenge that assessment of myself b/c I feel as though I'm not doing enough and that I should be doing much more. I mean I don't want to downplay my accomplishments and the things I've done over the years, but there's always that perception v. reality syndrome (someone from the outside looking in thinks this about you but the reality of it all is that it may not be true or what it actually is) that I'm sure we all have been guilty of - in allowing this mindset to control our thoughts about various situations and occurrences.

I take you back to my journey of looking to go to grad school. I had to do a self-assessment to see what I wanted to get my master's in; how I would use it; if it would be a waste of time; if I really needed it; and how it would benefit me and my career? To sum it all up. I was only getting a master's to make more money. That was it...nothing more nothing less. Little did I know that during the process of getting accepted to a school; taking the course work and ultimately graduating - would my ideals about it all change.

I think it's a known fact that everybody wants to be successful and have the world as their oyster. In the same breathe, I think it's as safe to say that this won't be everybody reality. But the question I pose, is why can't it be?

Just think of the many times you've come across someone you haven't seen in a while and you assume they're working and are some what successful. What's the first thing that usually comes out your mouth or theirs. Hey, what are you up to and how are things? Now I'm not saying this is wrong and/or should you have said or asked anything else... but if you look @ things a lil deeper, which I'm known to to do as an analyzer and critical thinker. We usually never ask them about the process they are in or the process they took to get where they are @ now?

Again it's no one's fault b/c it's natural to look @ the end result of everything, but if we focused on the meantime and savored the process a little more and how it shapes and molds us into who we are professionally, socially, personally, spiritually, and so forth.... will we truly grasp and understand why we are in the position(s) we're in? Why we're not as successful in certain areas that we envisioned ourselves being successful in? Why we're here and there and why, why, and why this and that on things you question...

We have to start realizing that success is not instant and that the process is the breeding ground to become successful in all the areas you want to achieve in. I challenge you to ask yourself "where do you stand" in the process of reaching your goals successfully.