Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Where do I go...?

It's easy to say to this is where I want to go, be in life and ultimately be remembered as when it's my time to leave this earth.

As I revert back to my memories as far back as a toddler. To as recent as my thought-pattern as of last week and to this morning. One of the things I've always considered during each stage of my life is to be in a position to go on and do big things in life and be remembered as one of those guys who made something out of his life - so that my kids and their children would not only have a head-start in becoming successful adults - but also be proud to carry on my name for generations to come.

Some may call these lofty goals and others may down play them and say that this all I want to do and accomplish?!?! Well peep the logic behind it all...

In speaking for myself along with most Black kids' growing up in Urban America. We're already @ a disadvantage b/c of the neighborhoods we live in and the economic structure of what our communities produce; the education or inadequate education we receive; and more times than not - majority of the neighborhood is being raised by single parent homes or worse - the streets.

The logic behind it all is that I truly believe that success is measured not from what you've accomplished but by how the one's who follow in your foot-steps flourish from what they've inherited and learned from your being and knowledge. Therefore, as I pose the question where do I go and how do I begin to accomplish my success story? I look back at what I've done thus far along my journey of reaching my pinnacle of achievement in every field of human endeavor, along with taking an inventory look into those life learned lessons, struggles, trails and tribulations and good times I've experienced ... and say that although I'm not where I want to be in almost every capacity of my life. I'm still keeping on keeping on b/c I think I've positioned myself with enough resources to be ready to walk into that spectrum of where I want to be and go when the opportunity presents itself.

So, I leave you all w/ this question to ponder over. Where have you been or plan to be going to get you to your level of success?

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Anonymous said...

Your blog is very profound and ideal. I believe that everyone that is about something, has goals and the will and effort it takes to reach them feels the same. I just hope and challenge everyone to have a vision and not just live for today, and leve a positive legacy behind.