Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What Now...?

The beauty of this present moment is that you're living to whatever beat or drum that has you operating to whatever aspiration or goal you are trying to reach/accomplish. However, that's the easy part of day-to-day living. We've all been there, witnessed and/or smelled it way too many times than what we care to imagine. It's those days when we're like this day can't get any better then this!!! ... Or it's those times when you're like this day can't get any worse and ‘what now'?

For those who are in the latter state, I encourage you to read on while those who are not -- I encourage to con't reading as well.

So what is the 'what now’? Do you know? Have an idea? Do you care to find out? Is it even a concern to you? If you are still pondering, I applaud you because this basically means that you have what I like to consider a progressive approach to life and that you do not accept status quo.

For as long as I can remember, I've always been that individual who believed that there was more then one-way to reach a certain point... that there was a reason and season for everything, and most importantly that each occurrence whether it was good or bad was a monumental moment in my development as an individual.

So whenever you're having one those days when you can't fathom why this is happening and so forth. I encourage you to be optimistic, reflect and be mindful on why it is such... b/c you are not where you are @ today (educationally, professionally, socially, etc) w/o some turmoil or foundational grounding occurring.

In a previous publishing, I talked about 'The Process'. Bask in it!!!

As Always, Stay Inspired...!!!