Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where I stand...?

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately - especially where I stand professionally, socially, academically, personally, and in no order - spiritually. Needless to say, I'm humbled and modest enough to recognize that I have no real complaints in any of one these areas because each day consist of a journey of me reaching my potential. However, being the man that I am and what I require of myself along with what I want to further accomplish in life... I'm not content @ all!

I've heard numerous times and as recent as the other day, that I'm an overachiever and that I'm always doing something. But I challenge that assessment of myself b/c I feel as though I'm not doing enough and that I should be doing much more. I mean I don't want to downplay my accomplishments and the things I've done over the years, but there's always that perception v. reality syndrome (someone from the outside looking in thinks this about you but the reality of it all is that it may not be true or what it actually is) that I'm sure we all have been guilty of - in allowing this mindset to control our thoughts about various situations and occurrences.

I take you back to my journey of looking to go to grad school. I had to do a self-assessment to see what I wanted to get my master's in; how I would use it; if it would be a waste of time; if I really needed it; and how it would benefit me and my career? To sum it all up. I was only getting a master's to make more money. That was it...nothing more nothing less. Little did I know that during the process of getting accepted to a school; taking the course work and ultimately graduating - would my ideals about it all change.

I think it's a known fact that everybody wants to be successful and have the world as their oyster. In the same breathe, I think it's as safe to say that this won't be everybody reality. But the question I pose, is why can't it be?

Just think of the many times you've come across someone you haven't seen in a while and you assume they're working and are some what successful. What's the first thing that usually comes out your mouth or theirs. Hey, what are you up to and how are things? Now I'm not saying this is wrong and/or should you have said or asked anything else... but if you look @ things a lil deeper, which I'm known to to do as an analyzer and critical thinker. We usually never ask them about the process they are in or the process they took to get where they are @ now?

Again it's no one's fault b/c it's natural to look @ the end result of everything, but if we focused on the meantime and savored the process a little more and how it shapes and molds us into who we are professionally, socially, personally, spiritually, and so forth.... will we truly grasp and understand why we are in the position(s) we're in? Why we're not as successful in certain areas that we envisioned ourselves being successful in? Why we're here and there and why, why, and why this and that on things you question...

We have to start realizing that success is not instant and that the process is the breeding ground to become successful in all the areas you want to achieve in. I challenge you to ask yourself "where do you stand" in the process of reaching your goals successfully.