Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Where I stand...?

I've been thinking about a lot of things lately - especially where I stand professionally, socially, academically, personally, and in no order - spiritually. Needless to say, I'm humbled and modest enough to recognize that I have no real complaints in any of one these areas because each day consist of a journey of me reaching my potential. However, being the man that I am and what I require of myself along with what I want to further accomplish in life... I'm not content @ all!

I've heard numerous times and as recent as the other day, that I'm an overachiever and that I'm always doing something. But I challenge that assessment of myself b/c I feel as though I'm not doing enough and that I should be doing much more. I mean I don't want to downplay my accomplishments and the things I've done over the years, but there's always that perception v. reality syndrome (someone from the outside looking in thinks this about you but the reality of it all is that it may not be true or what it actually is) that I'm sure we all have been guilty of - in allowing this mindset to control our thoughts about various situations and occurrences.

I take you back to my journey of looking to go to grad school. I had to do a self-assessment to see what I wanted to get my master's in; how I would use it; if it would be a waste of time; if I really needed it; and how it would benefit me and my career? To sum it all up. I was only getting a master's to make more money. That was it...nothing more nothing less. Little did I know that during the process of getting accepted to a school; taking the course work and ultimately graduating - would my ideals about it all change.

I think it's a known fact that everybody wants to be successful and have the world as their oyster. In the same breathe, I think it's as safe to say that this won't be everybody reality. But the question I pose, is why can't it be?

Just think of the many times you've come across someone you haven't seen in a while and you assume they're working and are some what successful. What's the first thing that usually comes out your mouth or theirs. Hey, what are you up to and how are things? Now I'm not saying this is wrong and/or should you have said or asked anything else... but if you look @ things a lil deeper, which I'm known to to do as an analyzer and critical thinker. We usually never ask them about the process they are in or the process they took to get where they are @ now?

Again it's no one's fault b/c it's natural to look @ the end result of everything, but if we focused on the meantime and savored the process a little more and how it shapes and molds us into who we are professionally, socially, personally, spiritually, and so forth.... will we truly grasp and understand why we are in the position(s) we're in? Why we're not as successful in certain areas that we envisioned ourselves being successful in? Why we're here and there and why, why, and why this and that on things you question...

We have to start realizing that success is not instant and that the process is the breeding ground to become successful in all the areas you want to achieve in. I challenge you to ask yourself "where do you stand" in the process of reaching your goals successfully.


rayheart said...

good stuff. In general, focus on the process by which a person has accomplished something or reached a certain place in their journey of life is indeed very important and all too often overlooked. Additionally, we have to always remember that no two people will have the exact same process even though they may have the same end result and vice versa.

You mentioned perception vs. reality as it relates to other peoples thoughts about you. This is very true. If we are not careful we can allow the opinions of other people to set the standard for our lives. Only the opinion of those in authority over us should factor in. All other opinions should be taken with a grain of salt. Ultimately, it is God’s view that matters. Lol If you really want to get technical, even our own “reality” is based upon perception; our perception. It is sensation plus perception that equals our perceived reality.

You wrote, “…it's a known fact that everybody wants to be successful and have the world as their oyster. [And that you] think it's as safe to say that this won't be everybody’s reality.” You then asked why it can’t be so for everyone. Well, it can be for all who believe it can and do their part. (For we know, faith w/o works is dead.) A lot of people desire/want, but don’t believe they can or fail to focus and do what it takes… or they give up when faced with adversity. The potential is in us all, for we are created in God’s image. The question is will we live lives that offer to God the greatest return possible on His investment or will we settle for average or below average.

Anyway… that’s enough writing. Before I end, my question to you is what does it mean to be successful? Is it defined in the eye of the beholder? Is it based on the standards of our society/culture? I’m asking based on your thoughts you were writing this blog, not in hindsight (though your answer in both instances might the same)

Dona said...

I agree with you that the end result of the many areas in our lives are often the focus and or the method of measuring the success in our lives. I too believe that if people would allow themselves to embrace and enjoy the journey, pay attention to the small details in life that we often take for granted they could be more open to just being content. Happiness like success I feel is a state of mind. Are you ever finished being happy or ever finished being successful?? Or is being happy or being successful only a state of mind that we continue to strive for? Wanting more. I don't know that happiness or success can be fully defined. And even if they are, nobody ever stops and acknowleges the changes that people make and or go thru to get there, they just are.

Perception vs. reality is and will always exist in regards to how we view ourselve as well as how others see us. The bigger question is how much weight should this play in our lives? I think that no matter what others tell us about ourselves, or feel they know what is right for us, we should focus on being true to ourselves...

Educated.Brother.With.Knowledge said...

rayheart, I thank you for your response and to answer your question. Success to me is based on notion that you're living in His will and using the talents He blessed you with to (1) make a living for yourself and family,(2) use your gifts and blessings to bless someone else; and (3) to continue to show humility, and allow the light of Him to show in your works and walk to whereas people can say, you are a peculiar human being and there's something different about you.

The word says naked you come in this world and naked you leave it. To take it even deeper ... when it's your turn to enter the gates, He will not ask you what riches, success or tangible items you've acquired over the years. Instead, He'll ask you how many people have you told about me; how have you treated your brothers and sisters; and most importantly, how have you lived in accordance to my commandments for man?

In all, I'm a firm believer in that the success I'm fortunate enough to experience has nothing to do w/ me. So b/c I have this and that, I know it's not all about me, but more or so about what He's allowed me to have. In hindsight, the person that focuses on earthly and worldly possessions is in trouble. James 1:27, but it's better to probably start @ verse 19... for this supports my analysis.

Again, I thank you for your comments...

Ricks said...

Well K.Waters, there is a deeper side of you that points you in the direction of success. Intelect is a positive thing and it keeps you focused yet grounded to continue to keep pressing forward. As a pastor in my life once said "When we look down to nothing God is up to something" Watch out-and hold on. Peace Your Maryland Friend.