Monday, July 13, 2009

The Mind is...?

The mind is a terrible thing to waste, which I am sure we've all heard and said before. However, as I sit here on this beautiful morning not in one of my better mood's for reasons I'm still trying to decipher through. I've come up w/ the conclusion which is justified through my spiritual development that your mind is the battlefield.

Now, I have no real reason(s) to complain about much in life because I'm blessed to be in good health and to have a family that loves and cares for me among other things I'm proud of experiencing and having. ... and not to mention that I'm filled w/ more than enough faith that everything will pan out in the long run (you can say, I got this way based off the simple fact of what I've experienced and have endured in the past few years of my life), but it's those days and/or times where you're like this "process" is wearing on you ... and I guess today, along with the past week and some change - it's starting to take it's toll on me.

Some may think I'm talking in circles, but for those who know me know I have a very analytical mind and perspective on pretty much everything in life. I call this my gift and curse!

Therefore, the question I'm posing to you all! How do you make sense of it all (e.g. life, trails & tribulations) along with how and where do you start the process of seeing your journey through? What mechanism(s) do you use for days of discomfort and uneasiness?


I'm A Movement By Myself said...

This post summed up perfectly how I have been feeling over the last couple of weeks. The gloomy feeling of not doing enough or not challenging yourself to the utmost comes and goes. When it weighs down on me, I look to prayer and positive thought. At times we becomes overwhelmingly obsessed with the things in life we do not have or have not accomplished. Looking at what others have done and trying to be this ultimate achiever of everything on the "list", jades us in a way, having the ability to either motivate or deter. Each day is different and you fall on either side of the pendulum. Keep the thoughts positive and don't allow the doubts and second guessing to allow you to stray from your reality into someone elses. As I write this I am teaching myself in the process. Words are so healing and informative. Its also important to know that the "process" to achieve is a long and ever changing one. So little comfort exists here so treasure the moments.

Educated.Brother.With.Knowledge said...

I'm a Movement... Yes, I know all too well where we sometimes judge our progress against what our peer(s) have or have not done in life. In addition, although we try to maintain a positive look on things and etc. and we know it's in our best interest to do so as well. ... where are we going wrong, and why does that gloomy feeling take so much of a toll on some days?